Mabit in English

MABITs webpages is in Norwegian only.

The MABIT-programme is an industrial R&D program for Marine Biotechnology in Northern Norway.

MABITs Main objectives:

  • Contribute to increased value in fishery, aquaculture and biotechnological industry.
  • Be a driving force and coordinator for strengthening biotechnological activities in the region.
  • The programme supports R&D within companies and research institutions, cooperation between these, basic process-/pilot production equipment and network activities.
  • Every second year MABIT are arranging the BIOPROSP conference in cooperation with R&D institutions, Universities and private businesses. Next conference will be in February 2019

MABIT has 4 main focus areas:

  • Marine bioprospecting: Characterizations and commercialization of bioactive compounds from the marine environment, in cooperation with businesses and R&D institutions in northern Norway.
  • Aquaculture and fish health products: Products like vaccines and feed. Methods and knowhow for development of new species, particular species that can be breed in northern Norway.
  • Utilization of marine by-product: Development and fabrication of high cost products for use in nutrition, food-supplements, feed ingredients, pharmaceutical and/or technological industry etc.
  • Competence promotion/building and network activities: Support the formation and growth of biotechnological competence towards future business.


For more information contact
Program Manager Victoria S. Paulsen